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We partner with like-minded companies and individuals who connect with our values.   By aligning our brand and products with a purpose, we reinforce the reasons why your purchases truly make a difference.  we encourage you to help fulfill our commitment to reduce your carbon footprint in the world, one purchase at a time.


our mission

In addition to making our personal footprint as minimal as possible, we move beyond to participate in ground-breaking emission reduction technologies that accelerate the global transition to a low carbon, sustainable economy. Together, our change adds up to make a real and measurable difference to reduce the effects of climate change through collective action. 


how it works


Give in one-click

When shopping on our site, you have the option to give to the environment after adding a product to your cart.  Default contributions are less than $1 - a round-up value - with larger contributions accessible via drop down menu. Contributions are added to cart total and automatically collected at checkout. 


Track in one-click

Your contributions can be tracked to ensure consumer trust and confidence. You receive an immediate personal confirmation e-mail following checkout, with unique hyperlinked verification code where you can access your personal Giving Portfolio to track all contributions and learn about the renewable energy projects you helped to make possible. 


become part of a powerful movement

Carbon Checkout pools all contributions into a crowdfund to make significant investments in renewable energy projects that reduce global carbon emissions. You become part of a powerful movement to reduce the effects of climate change through collective action, it’s as simple as one-click.




oaxaca wind power complex

Significant investments in manufacturing infrastructure in Mexico in recent years have made Mexico an important manufacturing site for automobiles, electronics and appliances destined for the U.S market. Renewable wind infrastructure is essential to minimizing the effects of climate change, particularly in Mexico given the high wind energy potential in the zone of “El Istmo de Tehuantepec”. 


mp greenwood landfill gas to energy

Landfill gas (LFG) is a natural byproduct of the decomposition of organic material in landfills. It is comprised of methane and carbon dioxide, two primary greenhouse gas emissions that contribute significantly to global climate change.  with recent technological developments, LFG can now be captured, converted and used as an energy source to prevent methane from migrating into the atmosphere, thereby reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. 




track your carbon footprint

All verified emission reductions are registered as carbon credits by the Climate Action Reserve and tracked by unique verification code. Your contributions can be tracked by verification codes that are purchased and permanently retired on the APX Environmental Registry by Carbon Checkout, LLC.